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    Advanced Robotic Kit using BBC microbit (Best Educational Gift)

    The Advanced Robotic Kit takes the much-loved Robotics to the next level! A fun way to learn how to code (and constantly improve) the Robot which includes a ton of fun features to allow users to constantly create new fun projects with their new favourite robot! This robotic kit includes BBC Micro:bit V2.2 board. Easy to build programmable robot.

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    • 2 micro-metal gear motors. Both fully controllable in software, for both speed (0 to 100%) and direction (forward or reverse)
    • Wheels with rubber tyres for maximum grip
    • 12 mini neopixels in 2 sets of 6 along the arms either side. Select any colour for any pixel, produce stunning lighting effects as your Bit:Bot moves around
    • 2 digital line following sensors. Code your own line-following robots and race them to see whose code produces the fastest lap time!
    • 2 analog light sensors (front left and front right) so your Bit:Bot can be programmed to follow a light source such as a torch, or you could code it to go and hide in the darkest place it can find
    • Buzzer, so you can make beeping sounds whenever you want
    • Powered from integrated 3xAA battery holder with on/off switch and blue indicator LED
    • Easily plug your BBC micro:bit in and out using the edge connector
    • Extension port for additional neopixels
    • Expansion connections at the front for additional sensors (eg. ultrasonic distance sensor)
    • Kit includes BBC micro:bit V2.2 and Ultrasonic sensor


    • See this detailed blog entry for example code snippets and application ideas
    • Learn how to control the Bit:Bot with your Bluetooth phone
    • The Microsoft Makecode Extension for Bit:Bot also works for BitBot XL. Go to the Advanced tab or the Tools gear icon and select Extensions, then search for BitBot. It can automatically detect while running which version you have, or you can force it to be the Classic BitBot or the new XL.


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